Planning for Wartime Veterans: Aid & Attendance Benefits, What You Don’t Know

Planning for Wartime Veterans: Aid & Attendance Benefits, What You Don’t Know

This educational video is designed for licensed attorneys and members of the public who want to know more about elder law planning and the Veterans Administration Aid & Attendance program. We will explore and dispel myths surrounding this underutilized and misunderstood program, eligibility requirements, and planning strategies to help those who qualify. The cost of long-term care can financially devastate families. With costs averaging between $3,500 to $18,000 per month, it’s not uncommon for families to go through their entire life savings during the first three years of care. Thankfully, there may be some help for those who served our country during wartime. The Veterans Administration offers a 3-tiered, tax-free benefit for wartime veterans and their spouses who need financial assistance or help covering the costs associated with long-term care. This includes as at-home care, assisted living, nursing home expenses, and unreimbursed medical expenses. Unfortunately, working with the VA and accessing Aid & Attendance benefits can be difficult and frustrating. There’s a good chance that if you do it alone, you won’t qualify. Many veterans are turned away because they (and sometimes the VA) do not understand the VA’s rules or how to meet the VA’s asset and income requirements.


Heather Chubb

MCLE Credit

1 hours

Viewing Time

61 minutes

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