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Self-Help at the Law Library (SH@LL)

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Self-Help at the Law Library (SH@LL) provides free general legal information and basic legal help to people representing themselves. We can help you understand your options and—in certain cases—help you fill out forms and provide instructions for filing and next steps. We do not give legal advice or do legal research for patrons.

Who We Help

SH@LL can help people representing themselves:

  • Who do not have a lawyer;
  • Who live in Sacramento County and/or have a qualifying case in Sacramento County Superior Court; and
  • Who are not deemed by the court to be vexatious litigants

If you have a lawyer, need a lawyer, or represent a business we cannot help you.

What We Help With

The Types of Cases Where SH@LL Can Help

SH@LL can assist with limited types of cases. Some examples of common cases we assist with are lawsuits for old credit card debt, name changes, guardianships of the person, conservatorships of the person, and limited probate matters.

Issues SH@LL Can Assist With

Issues SH@LL CAN Assist You With:

  • Simple complaints for breach of contract lawsuits
  • Simple answers to breach of contract lawsuits
  • Simple complaints for personal injury and property damage lawsuits
  • Simple answers to personal injury and property damages lawsuits
  • Enforcement of Judgment
  • Motions to Set Aside Default
  • Motions to Extend Time for Service
  • Name Changes
  • Name and Gender Changes
  • Confidential Safe At Home Name Changes
  • Requests for Entry of Default
  • Oppositions to Civil Forfeitures
  • Claims of Exemption from Wage Garnishment or Bank Levy
  • Motions to and Oppositions to Motions to Compel Discovery
  • Motions to Pay in Installments
  • Oppositions to Motions to Deem Admissions Admitted and for Sanctions
  • Guardianship of the Person Only — obtaining guardianship of a minor
  • Conservatorship of the Person Only (will be pre-screened for eligibility)
  • Case Management Statements
  • Petition for Succession, Spousal Property Petition, and Small Estate Affidavits

The Types of Cases Where SH@LL Cannot Help

SH@LL cannot assist with all types of cases. If we cannot help you, we may refer you to the law library or to other services. You can also find many step-by-step guides and self-help videos on the law library’s website.

Issues SH@LL Cannot Assist With

Issues SH@LL CANNOT Assist You With:

  • Appeals
  • Arbitration or Mediation
  • Medical, Dental, and Legal Malpractice
  • Landlord/Tenant (Unlawful Detainer; Eviction)
  • All Real Estate actions, including Quiet Title, Lis Pendens, Foreclosure and Loan Modification
  • Construction, Home Repair or Remodeling Disputes
  • Discovery Requests and Responses
  • Administrative Law, Government Torts, Writs of Mandate & any action involving a government entity
  • Family Law (divorce, child custody, paternity)
  • Criminal Law
  • Complicated Probate or Estate Issues, such as Will Contests, and Conservatorship of the Estate
  • Small Claims
  • Traffic
  • Juvenile Dependency and Delinquency
  • Federal Law (Bankruptcy, Immigration Law, lawsuits against the U.S., all Civil Rights lawsuits)
  • Class Action lawsuits
  • Writs of Possession, Temporary Restraining Orders, Injunctions
  • Civil Harassment Restraining Orders (CHROs)
  • Domestic Violence Restraining Orders (DVROs)
  • Employment Law and Labor Law

How It Works


Call To Request An Appointment

All assistance is provided by telephone appointment. To request an appointment, call:

(916) 476-2731

Leave a detailed voicemail message including your name, contact number, case type and any other relevant information.


We Return Your Call & Pre-Screen Your Case For Eligibility

We will return your call within five (5) business days to discuss whether you are eligible for service and then schedule a longer phone appointment if your case is deemed eligible for service. If we determine you are not eligible for SH@LL service, we will refer you to the appropriate resource.

Please note that you will be pre-screened for eligibility before any telephone appointment is scheduled with SH@LL. SH@LL staff will determine eligibility on a case-by-case basis and reserves the right to refuse service. An otherwise qualifying case will not be eligible for an appointment if SH@LL staff determines that the case is too complex or requires specialized knowledge and training such that SH@LL staff will not be able to effectively assist with the case.


If Eligible You Will Have A SH@LL Consultation

If you are determined eligible, you will be scheduled for a longer call with a SH@LL staff member to provide free consultation on your case.

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