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Video – Best Practices When Taking A Deposition

Experienced civil litigators know that depositions are a dynamic arena where many cases are won or lost. The techniques of effective deposition taking – including the basic decision as to who should be deposed – are utilized hundreds of times during the career of an astute litigator, whether you are on the plaintiff or defense side of the table.

Like jazz, skillful depositions are an artistic blend of rigorous preparation and inspired improvisation. Depositions are a creative exercise, and each lawyer can develop a personal style of conducting a deposition that is consistent with personality traits and emotional intelligence. This video will cover aspects of deposition preparation; integration of the deposition with written discovery; dealing with opposing counsel who are disruptive or argumentative; dealing with evasive and combative deponents; psychological aspects on the deposition process; adapting to the virtual era of ZOOM depositions, and a review of case law pertaining to ethics and professional conduct during depositions.

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David Graulich Esq.

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