Sacramento County Public Law Library provides free public access to legal information.

The California County Law Library system was established in 1891. Sacramento County Public Law Library is the 6th largest of California’s 58 county law libraries with more than 65,000 volumes. The library is a practice library, focusing on practical materials for attorneys and the public. A team of highly skilled professional, technical, and clerical staff works together to provide appropriate resources to meet the legal research and information needs of library patrons.

Library Director: Peter Rooney | prooney@saclaw.org

Mission & Vision

Vision Statement

The Sacramento County Public Law Library staff strives to provide excellent service to all members of our diverse community, to respect the dignity and individuality of each community member, and to acknowledge the importance of each member’s access to legal information.

Mission Statement

Towards the fulfillment of our vision, it is the mission of the Sacramento County Public Law Library to:

  • Assist our customers in their effort to use the legal system effectively
  • Continually improve our services
  • Cultivate new technologies to best serve customers
  • Exhibit our values in our daily work
  • Seek to maximize our customers’ research dollar
  • Support each other in our individual and team efforts to improve the library

Enterprise Systems

Enterprise Systems Information

The Library owns and manages an integrated library system, which contains information about our books, online databases and subscriptions. It includes information about the price of materials, the price of updates and the date received. It also includes information about how many times a print item has been circulated.

Any information about the patron who borrowed it is exempt from disclosure by the following exemptions in the Public Records Act:

  • library circulation records kept for the purpose of identifying the borrower of items available in the library. Government Code Section 6254(j).
  • library records that identify a patron, including, but not limited to, a patron’s name, address, telephone number, or e-mail address, that a library patron provides in order to become eligible to borrow or use books and other materials. Government Code Section 6267.
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