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Deeds and are used to change, add, or remove names on real estate. Changes to the title (ownership record) of a property must be recorded with the County Recorder where the real estate is located.  Common reasons are the sale of the property, adding family members to the title to avoid probate, one spouse receiving the property in a divorce, or the owners transferring the property into a trust.


Interspousal Transfer Deed
Notice of Completion
Preliminary Change of Ownership Report (PCOR) Sacramento County
Transfer on Death (TOD) Deed
Making Real Estate Changes Official: Recorded Documents

Whenever land changes hands in California, certain documents must be “recorded”  with the county. Commonly recorded documents include deeds, liens, homestead forms, affidavits of death of joint tenants or trustees, and other forms related to ownership of property. Documents must follow specific format and content requirements. Many common forms can be...

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California’s Transfer on Death deed: One option to avoid probate on your home

Homeowners often want to leave their home to children, partners, or others without forcing them to go through the probate court after the owner dies. There are several ways to set this up this in California. Living trusts are a great option, but usually require a lawyer and a lot...

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Affidavits of Death: Transferring Property without Probate after an Owner Dies

Owners of real estate can plan ahead to allow the real estate to be transferred without probate after their death. This article discusses how the new owners can remove the deceased owner from title and obtain title in their own name after the owner's death. Unless one of these estate...

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Changing, Adding, or Removing People from Title to Real Estate

Different situations require different information. Choose the situation you are looking for:

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Sacramento County Assessor’s Office

The Assessor is responsible for locating taxable property in the County, assessing the value, identifying the owner, and publishing annual and supplemental assessment rolls., Assessor’s Parcel Viewer: Use Parcel Viewer to view property maps, parcel information and recent sales.

Sacramento County Clerk Recorder

Note: address change as of December 4, 2023.

The Clerk-Recorder’s office maintains real property and related records, as well as birth certificates, death certificates, marriage licenses and certificates, and professional registrations.

County Service Center: 8239 E. Stockton Boulevard, Suite A, Sacramento, CA 95828. Note: Same-day document recording not available at County Service Center. Documents are accepted for recording within 2 business days.

Contractors State License Board

Consumers can use the CSLB to find licensed contractors, check to see if a contractor is licensed, and get assistance with complaints against contractors.

24-Hour Licensing and Consumer Information:: (800) 321-CSLB (2752)
Adding or Changing Names on Property (Completing and Recording Deeds)

Warning about adding names If you are adding someone as part of a credit repair or loan deal, it may be a scam. If you add a name or sign a quitclaim deed, the grantee becomes an owner. You can’t change your mind without their signature. If you are adding...

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Deed of Trust and Promissory Note

A deed of trust, also called a trust deed, is the functional equivalent of a mortgage. It does not transfer the ownership of real property, as the typical deed does. Like a mortgage, a trust deed makes a piece of real property security (collateral) for a loan. If the loan...

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Homestead Declaration: Protecting the Equity in Your Home

Introduction Under California law, a homeowner is entitled to the protection of a certain amount of equity in the home that is his or her principal residence (home). The protected amount is called the “homestead exemption.” Related Guide: Exemption from the Enforcement of Judgment All homeowners automatically have a homeowner's...

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Petition to Remove Mechanics’ Lien

Background Owners of real estate sometimes find that a contractor has recorded a mechanics lien on their property, and failed to remove it. Contractors and subcontractors can record mechanics’ liens against a piece of real property for work they do on that property. Although the lien automatically becomes invalid if...

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Tips for the PCOR — Preliminary Change in Ownership Report

The purpose of the Preliminary Change in Ownership Report, or PCOR, is to alert the county Assessor that a piece of real estate has a new owner. This form must be turned in to the Recorder's office along with the deed or affidavit that changes ownership; the Recorder sends it...

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