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Homeownership and Neighbors

Homeowners face a range of legal issues from dealing with transferring ownership of property, mortgages, concerns about safety on their property, the necessity for insurance, and the potential pitfalls of dealing with contractors. The Law Library has a number of resources that can help homeowners find solutions to these issues.

Renters and homeowners alike may find themselves at odds with their neighbors from time to time. When these problems cannot be resolved with a simple discussion, mediation or even lawsuits may be necessary. The Law Library can help with books and articles on the rights and resolutions in neighbor disputes.

Community Resources

Handshake Alternative to Court
Sacramento Mediation Center
Legal papers For Help
Capital Pro Bono


The Sacramento County Public Law Library has prepared forms for some common situations relating to real property. For other situations, you may need to create your own forms. Our Legal Research Guides and Step-by-Steps have instructions and samples for many commonly-used forms.

Form Resources

Sale of real property Deeds & Real Estate Forms may be completed and printed, or filled out by hand.
Legal forms Mechanics Liens Forms may be completed and printed, or filled out by hand.

Research Guides

The Law Librarians have created these research guides as an aid for those starting a legal research project. These guides recommend print and electronic resources that will help you find answers to your law-related questions. Many guides provide step-by-step information, as well as sample forms, for common legal procedures.

Common Questions

The Law Librarians write brief articles on a variety of common legal issues.

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