Name Change Workshop

Explains how to complete the legal forms to change your name, and what steps to take after you file. This process applies for individuals changing their own name or the names of their children.

UPDATE: name change petitions are now filed at 813 Sixth Street, Room 212, from 8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Tuesday-Friday.

Click here for written instructions and samples on changing your name in California.

Live Workshop

For more assistance, Sacramento County residents may attend the Civil Self-Help Center’s weekly Name Change Workshop.

Changing Name and Gender

If you are changing both name and gender, a different process applies. In Sacramento, you can download the forms and instructions here: Petition for Change of Name and Gender Packet (CV/E-142g). If you would like assistance with this process, do not attend the workshop. Instead, attend the daily drawing for a one-on-one appointment.

Restoring Original Name after Divorce

You can change your married name back to your birth or “maiden” name as part of the divorce paperwork. If your divorce is already final, there is a simple form to accomplish the same thing. In Sacramento, you can download the forms and instructions here: Restoring Your Former Name.