Expunging (Dismissing) Your Conviction

Expunging (Dismissing) Your Conviction

Attorney Alan Bridges, of the Voluntary Legal Services Program, explains “Expunging Your Conviction” in this self-help video.

Note 1: Forms have changed since this video was recorded, but most of the information is still accurate. Download the current forms packet from Sacramento County Superior Court website:

Sacramento Superior Court Petition Information and Instruction Packet Related to: Penal Code §§17(b), 1203.3, 1203.4, 1203.4a, 1203.4b, 1203.41, 1203.42,1203.43

The Law Library has produced a guide on Understanding the Sacramento Superior Court’s Expungement Packet, with filled-out samples of the Sacramento forms.

Note 2: Capital Pro Bono (formerly VLSP) no longer offers a clinic or telephone assistance on expungement. If you need additional assistance, consult an attorney, contact the group Root & Rebound‘s Reentry Legal Hotline (510-279-4662), or visit the law library to research your situation.

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