Passport Appointments – Common Mistakes

Top 7 Issues Preventing Completion of Passport Appointments

No Check or Money Order for Payment

We have to STAPLE a check or money order to your application when submitting to the State Department. We absolutely CANNOT complete an appointment without it. If you don’t know what a check or money order is, google it or talk to your banking institution. If you bring cash or a card as your only method of payment, you will not be seen and will be asked to reschedule your appointment, which is usually at least 2 weeks out. See the Fees section on our website to determine your payment amount. 

No Original or Certified Copy of Citizenship Document

An original or certified copy has a raised seal that you can feel, raised border on the page that you can feel or some sort of color stamp indicating it is an official copy from the government entity authorized to issue citizenship documents. PHOTOCOPIES are not certified copies and are identifiable because the page is smooth and usually there is an unprinted margin around the edge of the paper. While a photocopy is acceptable as a SECONDARY piece of evidence, it generally does not stand alone and requires other pieces of secondary evidence to support it. For more information about citizenship evidence, see the US Dept. of State webpage here

Minors 15 and under ALWAYS have to submit an original or certified citizenship document, as it is the only document that connects the parents to the child. For more information about minor citizenship documents, see the US Dept. of State webpage here

Only One Parent Attends the Appointment for a Minor / DS 3053 form issues

Two parent consent is required for issuing a passport to a minor 15 and under, unless there is only one parent listed on the birth certificate, there is a court order granting custody to only one parent (or court-granted permission to issue the passport with only one parents’ consent), or some other court order granting permission to a guardian.

If one parent cannot attend the appointment, they can fill out and sign an affidavit in front of a notary granting permission to the other parent. THIS FORM MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A PHOTOCOPY OF THE ID VERIFIED BY THE NOTARY. For more information and the link to the DS3053 form, see section 5 on this US Dept. of State webpage

No Documentation of Name Change

If your name does not match the name on your citizenship document, you need to provide an original or certified copy of the document(s) that changed your name, (except in cases of marriage where the photo ID name and the name on the application match, and the spouse is listed in section 11- for first time applicants). If you have had a previous passport and your name no longer matches, you will need to provide name change documentation. For more information on name changes, see the US Dept. of State webpage here

Minor Applicant Is Not at the Appointment

All applicants MUST attend the appointment. Applications cannot be submitted for an applicant in absentia.

Applicant Is Not Eligible for a US Passport

Only US citizens (by birth OR naturalization) and qualifying US non-citizen nationals are eligible for US passports. US residency (possession of US Residency card) is NOT proof of US citizenship.

No Identification

Applicants must show proof of Identity AND proof of Citizenship. ID should be issued by a government entity, but if you don’t have a government issued ID, several  secondary forms are also acceptable. For more information on primary and secondary forms of ID, see the US Dept. of State webpage here

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