Computer and Internet Use

Sacramento County Public Law Library provides public computer and Internet access for the purpose of researching the law.

In order to preserve the security and integrity of its computer network and to ensure equitable access to computer resources for all patrons, the Library may place limitations on the time and manner in which these resources are used.

Patrons may be asked to leave a PC:

  • If staff determines that the PC is not being used to conduct legal research or to draft legal documents.
  • In order to ensure equitable access to computer resources for all patrons.

Guidelines for Computer Use

  • Library computer resources may be used only for the purpose of researching the law.
  • Parents or legal guardians assume responsibility for use by children under 18.
  • The Law Library assumes no liability for any loss, damage or injury arising from using the Library’s computers.
  • The Library assumes no responsibility for the currency or accuracy of information retrieved from the Internet.
  • Use of Law Library computers to engage in any illegal purpose, including, but not limited to, hacking, misrepresentation, harassment, slander, and violation of Federal copyright laws, is prohibited.

Library users may not:

  • Install software or run programs from personal devices, CD-ROMs or the Internet.
  • Reconfigure the hardware, software or system settings.
  • Use the computers in any way that damages the hardware, the software, the Library’s local network, or the Internet.
  • Failure to follow the guidelines set out in this policy will result in the loss of library and computer privileges.

The Sacramento County Public Law Library reserves the right to adjust the policy and guidelines above.

Computers available by appointment only. Call 916-874-8541 to schedule your appointment.