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Ask a Lawyer Archive

Recordings of previous presentations sponsored by Sacramento County Public Law Library (SCPLL) & Housing & Economic Rights Advocates (HERA).



14: What tenants should look for in a lease
Designed to Educate CA Tenants
Learn How to Read the Standard Rental Contract

21: Debt & credit issues for low-& moderate income people
Learn how to access and read your credit report, improve your credit score, and deal with different types of debt.


6: Habitability 101
Learn about your right to decent housing and the laws that create that right, what options you have when your landlord fails to provide decent housing, protections from retaliation and harassment by the landlord.

31: Student loan debt relief
Workshop topics will include: Student Loan basics, Repayment Options for Federal Student Loans, Federal Student Loan Forgiveness, Discharging/Cancelling Federal Student Loans, and Private Student Loan debt relief. Open Q&A with HERA’s Expert Attorney.


7: Hot topics in estate planning law

You worked hard for your home and your other assets. You likely want to pass that legacy on to your family after your death. Passing on the family home can make it possible for your kids and grandkids to stay in their community or go to college. Learn the basics of how to set up an estate plan to prepare for the management of your assets during your lifetime if you can no longer take care of them yourself and set up a plan for the distribution of your assets following your death.

21: Legal issues in the solar panel industry

Know your rights and options when installing solar panels and other home improvements


14: The law of pets, service animals and emotional support animals

26: Domestic violence series no. 1: rights of DV survivors in public & subsidized housing


9: Acceso al Crédito y Reparación de Crédito: 2. Access to Credit and Repair of Credit (In Spanish)

24: Domestic violence series no. 2: the rights of survivors to break the lease


14: Domestic violence series no. 3: the rights of survivors to change locks


5: Domestic violence series no. 4: survivors’ rights in homeownership
Recap: coming soon!

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