Understanding the Name Change Process in Sacramento

Templates and Forms

In Sacramento, to petition the court to change a name of an adult or to change the name of a minor; download the instructional packet, including forms, from the Sacramento Superior Courts website: General Name Change Packet (CV-142n).

STOP! If you are changing your NAME AND GENDER, the process is different, and this guide will not work for you. Ask the Reference Librarian for more information.

This Understanding the Name Change Process in Sacramento guide includes answers to commonly asked questions and sample filled out forms.

Common Questions

If you are restoring your name after dissolution of marriage, you can ask the family court to restore your former name.

If changing the name of a minor over the age of 12, it is recommended that the minor write a declaration agreeing to the name change.

If the other parent cannot be served because their location is unknown, the petitioning parent must submit a declaration detailing all attempts made to locate the other parent.

Once the name change is granted, in order to amend a California birth certificate, you will need to contact the California Office of Vital Records.

Giving a child a different name from the father’s or otherwise changing the child’s name does not affect the parent-child relationship or the legally recognized identity of the parents.

Changing Your Name in Government and Business Records

Once your name change is granted, you will need to contact agencies to alert them of your new name. Here are some common documents that will need to be updated:

Public Records Private Records

Social Security Card

Driver’s License or California ID card


Tax Records

Voter Registration

State Licensing Boards

Public Assistance

Veterans Administration

Birth Certificates and Attachments

Employer’s Records

Bank Accounts

Credit Cards and Credit Reporting Agencies

Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, and IRAs

Vehicle Registrations

Deeds to Real Estate and Mortgages

Wills, Insurance

Medical & School Records


For Help

SH@LL (Self-Help at the Law Library) (formerly Civil Self Help Center)
609 9th Street, Sacramento CA 95814
(916) 476-2731 (Appointment Request Line)

Services Provided: SH@LL provides general information and basic assistance to self-represented litigants on a variety of civil legal issues, including name changes. All assistance is provided by telephone. Visit “What we can help with” for a list of qualifying cases.

Eligibility: Must be a Sacramento County resident or have a qualifying case in the Sacramento County Superior Court.

Civil Self-Help Services (SHS)
Sacramento County Superior Court Hall of Justice
813 Sixth St., Sacramento CA 95814

For More Information

On the Web

SH@LL Name Change Workshop Video
This video from SH@LL (when it was called the Civil Self-Help Center) walks viewers through all the paperwork necessary to petition the court for a name change.

California Courts Self-Help Website: “Name Change
This website explains the name change process, and provides links to all the forms.

At the Law Library

How to Change Your Name in California KFC 109 .L6 (Self-Help)
Electronic Access: From any computer (library or home) via the Legal Information Reference Center. Instructions are available on our website at Nolo Ebooks.


Civil Case Cover Sheet

Petition for Name Change

Order to Show Cause

Decree Changing Name

Proof of Service of Order to Show Cause


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