Expungement (Cleaning up a Criminal Record): Understanding Sacramento Court’s Expungement Packet

Templates and Forms

Free Video!

Criminal Records Expungement Video

This video is a joint project of the Sacramento County Public Law Library and the former Voluntary Legal Services Program.  It explains how to ask the court to dismiss your convictions and expunge your record.

Have your criminal record and blank forms ready before viewing the video.

Note: The forms referred to in this video have been updated since it was recorded. However, the information in the video may still be helpful for those trying to expunge their own record. Make sure you are using the most updated forms included in the Sacramento Superior Court Criminal (Expungement) Dismissal Process guide.

For More Information

On the Web:

California Courts Self Help Website: “Clean your record”
This website includes a section with information and instructions on cleaning up your criminal record.

At the Law Library:

How to Seal Your Juvenile and Criminal Records in California
KFC 1194 .Z9 S53 (Self-Help)

California Criminal Defense Practice
KFC 1155 .C342 Chap. 103
Electronic Access: On the Law Library’s computers, using LexisAdvance.

California Criminal Law Procedure and Practice
KFC 1155 .C35 Chap. 4
Electronic Access: On the Law Library’s computers, using OnLaw.


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