Conservatorship Videos

Sacramento County Superior Court requires prospective conservators to view an approved videotaped presentation on the duties and responsibilities of conservators. (Local Rule 4.40). All the videos listed here have been approved by the Sacramento County Superior Court. Prospective conservators must complete and file a local form, Verification that Video Tape of Conservator’s Duties Has Been Viewed.

With Heart: Understanding Conservatorship

This video is available in English (24:01)
Transcript of this video

(videos created by Alameda County)

Online Conservatorship Orientation

This orientation is available in

English (12:29)

Spanish (15:38) and

Vietnamese (15:38).

(videos created by the Orange County Superior Court)

Probate Conservatorships Self Help Overview Course

Videos available for

Conservatorship of the Person (1:04:43) and

Conservatorship of the Estate (35:20).

Subtítulos en español disponible

(videos created by San Bernardino County Superior Court).

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