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In-House Databases

The Law Library subscribes to these databases, which are free for all patrons to use within the library.

Law Library Favorites

Lexis +: State and Federal Law, Practice Guides, and Shepard’s Citator

Access Lexis+ to search state and federal cases and codes, and access secondary sources such as California Forms of Pleading and Practice, California Points and Authorities, and the Shepard’s citator service. Help with Lexis +

OnLAW: CEB’s Practice Guides and Action Guides

Nolo Ebooks: Do-it-yourself Legal Guides

Trellis.Law: Local Court Dockets, Sample Motions, Verdicts and Settlements

Trellis.law allows you to easily search California state trial court dockets, motions and other court documents, tentative rulings, and verdicts and settlements by topic, judge, county, parties, attorneys, and other useful filters. Trellis also offers judge biographies, free legal treatises, and primers on the most common civil motion types and legal issues. Help with Trellis.Law


Many court documents are free through Trellis, but many others require payment. Do not attempt to order a document through SCPLL’s Trellis account. It will not be delivered. The library cannot reimburse you for the expense.

If you wish to get documents from a county court that has a paywall, order it directly from that county court’s website or clerk.

HeinOnline: Law Reviews, Restatements, Federal Register and CFR, and More

Access HeinOnline’s current and historical law review articles, Restatements of the Law, and historical volumes of the Federal Register, the Code of Federal Regulations, international treaties, and more. Help with HeinOnline

VitalLaw: Litigation and Law Practice, Bankruptcy, Labor & Employment, IP, Construction, Securities, and More

Access VitalLaw’s full-text treatises on civil rights, bankruptcy, labor & employment law, corporation and securities law, and more. Wolters Kluwer’s database includes material from CCH, James Publications, and others. Help with VitalLaw

Other Electronic Resources

Some of these resources require a password. Please ask a Librarian to log you in to use these materials. Password-protected databases are not available via Wi-Fi.


Law Journal Press

National Consumer Law Center’s Digital Library

O’Brien’s Workers Compensation

O’Brien’s Unemployment, Disability, Family Medical Leave Act

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Library computer resources may be used only for the purpose of researching the law. You may access your email as part of your legal research, such as by sending yourself legal information downloaded from our databases. By accessing the Internet, you agree to comply with the Law Library’s Computer and Internet Use Policy.









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Pleading Paper |<br>Court Case Files |<br>Child Support Guidelines

Pleading Paper

Formatted for Sacramento County Superior Court

Formatted for US District Court, Eastern District of California

Blank Pleading Paper (without a caption)

Sacramento County Court Case Files

Access Civil and Probate case files by party name or case number via the court’s website. Users must set up an account. Searches and document downloads are free.

Guideline Child Support Calculator

Family Court Commissioners now use the State of California’s Guideline Child Support Calculator to determine the amount of child support to be ordered in a case. If you prefer to use XSpouse or XArrears, please double-click the icons on the desktop to get started with those programs.

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