You Think You Know the California Regulatory Process – Separating Myth from Fact (WEBINAR)

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Misinformation about rulemaking has many dangers. Suppose rulemaking were a jungle, then misinformation is the tangled vines that grow wild throughout that jungle. It covers everything and hides the fundamental purpose of the rulemaking process.

Our speaker, Kent Gray will uncover the California Regulatory Process with its potential for common errors that can result in doing a lot of unnecessary work, which uses up already limited resources (the people and time needed for rulemaking), and underground regulations from a misunderstanding of what needs to be included and what it means to your department to “incorporate by reference” materials i.e. manuals, forms, etc.

In this webinar we will look at some of the common areas of misinformation and will also answer questions about what is and isn’t required. The challenge of rulemaking is in the many steps; whereupon misinformation slips can result from doubt, innuendo, and “that’s how we’ve always done it.” Be ready to take notes and ask questions as we trek through this jungle and work to cut back the “vines.”

The presentation will be one part informational and one part interactive.

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