Writing Your First Complaint with the KISS Method (Keep It Short and Simple)

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The Complaint is the most important document of a civil lawsuit. Everything that happens on the long and winding road of litigation derives from the Complaint. Writing a Complaint can be a daunting challenge for a new attorney. It can seem overwhelming if you are a non-lawyer who seeks to represent yourself. This class will offer a basic, practical plan for writing and filing a Complaint in one of California’s Superior Courts. The approach is called KISS — Keep It Short and Simple.

The class will cover both the content you need and the formatting elements that are required by the Court. The content includes a factual background, jurisdictional basis and one or more causes of action. The formatting elements pertain to paper, font, spacing, margins and other specifications. We’ll also discuss strategic factors that need to be weighed when putting together a winning Complaint.

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