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VIDEO – Workers’ Compensation Fraud

The Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office – Insurance Fraud Unit handles workers’ compensation fraud, as well as automobile insurance fraud and organized automobile fraud cases. We have a team of highly motivated attorneys, investigators, and clerical support staff that are dedicated to the investigation and prosecution of these types of fraud crimes.

Fraud can occur at any time during the life of a workers’ compensation claim, from the initial filing of the claim to statements to the employer, a doctor or other medical care person, a claim representative, physical therapist, or anyone else involved in the administration of the claim and the determination of available benefits.

Committing workers’ compensation fraud causes everyone problems. The most common types of workers’ compensation fraud are claim mills, provider fraud, premium fraud, employer and insurance carrier fraud, and applicant fraud. This program will take a look at each fraud schemes.



John MacKenzie

David Moranz

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1 hour

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50 minutes

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