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Video – Sexual Harassment In The Gig Economy-The More Things Stay The Same, The More They Change

The American workplace has changed dramatically in recent years. Sexual harassment has also transitioned from the old to the new workplace and beyond. Sexual harassment may occur during a Zoom meeting, after hours on Twitter or Instagram, or be perpetrated by those over whom the employer has no real control.

This class will examine California and Federal practice pertaining to sexual harassment in the gig economy, where workers are increasingly cast in the roles of independent contractors or temps rather than full-time employees. Courts are striving to adapt to the new economic realities and are increasing the circumstances under which entities and individuals may be held liable.

Instructors David Graulich and Kim Lucia will discuss sexual harassment from both plaintiffs’ and defendants’ perspectives. The topics will include recent cases that impact on sexual harassment in professional relationships, such as Judd v. Weinstein (9th Cir. 2020) 967 F.3d 952, the major components of California sexual harassment laws, the Fair Employment and Housing Act, and Labor Code 51.9, as well as recent changes in California statutes.

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