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VIDEO – Personal Injury Case: Throwing Out The Adjuster Mindset-Adapting Case Strategy To Your Client’s Injuries

In this video, Attorney Paul Hoybjerg will provide expertise on how to scrutinize all factors in a client’s car accident case. California Civil Jury Instruction 400 and 3929 provides that a Plaintiff be entitled to receive compensation for all injuries they sustain. This includes any pain and suffering they sustain from treatment of injuries suffered in the car accident. By establishing a baseline of injuries and symptoms, immediately after the crash, Paul will detail how to effectively monitor the client and observe if there have been additional complications or required procedures. Initial case classifications must be thrown out and case strategy must adapt and mold to the injuries the client has suffered, even if those injuries are not readily apparent in the intake interview. Learn how to recognize the changes in your case, challenge the adjuster’s initial rational for damages, and achieve high settlements for your clients.

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The viewing of this online video meets the criteria for “participatory” continuing legal education credit as verified by the Sacramento County Public Law Library, an approved State Bar of California MCLE provider according to the State Bar of California MCLE Rules & Requirements [Rule 2.7.2].



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Paul Hoybjerg

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1 hour

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57 minutes

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