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How to Introduce Texts and Emails in a Divorce, Contested Custody and/or Domestic Violence Case to Help Minimize Conflicts between the Parties While Meeting Hearsay Rules of Evidence

This seminar is designed to provide the evidentiary pathway to admitting text messages and emails at trial in family law disputes. Family law disputes create unique challenges in that the parties will often need to co-parent or communicate after the trial. Therefore, counsel has the added burden of looking at the impact of the evidence beyond just the immediate trial or win. The seminar will cover some common mistakes that are made in family law disputes that erode the trust of the parties which may impact their future relationship.

While this seminar is geared to family law cases, the fundamentals of evidence that will be discussed are applicable to all trials. This class will provide an update on case law addressing the admissibility of electronic evidence, common pitfalls, and best practices.

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MCLE Credit

1 hour

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