California Administrative Law: Part 1- Demystifying the Regulatory Process

In this basics course Heather Cline Hoganson, a 20-year state of California attorney, will cover California’s Administrative Procedures Act, Regulations. Participants will come away with answers to these questions:

• What is the Administrative Procedure Act?
• What is a regulation and where does it fit in the category of things called “law?”
• Where do I find regulations and why does “Title 24” seem to be missing?
• What the heck is “promulgating regulations” and how does an agency do that?
• What does “notice and comment” mean?
• Why isn’t a disapproval the end of the world?
• How can agencies use “precedential decisions” instead of rulemaking?
• What is “authority” and how can I get some?
• What is an “emergency regulation” and how can I get one?
• What is an “underground regulation” and what happens if I get called on it?

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2 hours

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