Geri Green, Esq.

Name: Geri Green, Esq

Title: Mediator

Company: ADR Services, INC

Geri Green, Esq. is a certified mediator, arbitrator, and referee with ADR Services, Inc., Highly skilled and experienced in both facilitative and evaluative dispute resolution styles. She provides face-to-face, virtual, and asynchronistic neutral services. She specializing in complex high-conflict matters with expertise in cross-cultural and cross-border disputes. In addition to three decades of courtroom experience, she has extensive training in crisis intervention, trauma, restorative justice, cross-cultural competence, and harm reduction. Ms. Green is a scholar of evidence and international law.

As an ADR professional, she has drawn upon her courtroom experience, academic background, and extensive training, along with her real-world business proficiency to successfully resolve over 500 disputes.

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