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A divorce ends a marriage, resolves issues such as child custody, visitation, child support, spousal support, asset and debt division, former name restoration, and even restraining orders. A legal separation does not end the marriage, but does permit many of the same types of orders allowed with a divorce. An annulment is granted when a judge finds that the marriage or domestic partnership is not legally valid.


People often think that annulments can be used to “cancel” any very short marriage. In California, however, annulment is totally unrelated to the length of the marriage. It’s only available when the marriage itself is legally invalid. It’s also actually harder to get than a regular divorce, although it can...

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WEAVE Legal provides legal assistance to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and sex trafficking. Services include free workshops about how to start your divorce in Sacramento County, completing financial disclosures, and seeking child support & child custody. WEAVE’s attorneys and legal staff also provide consultation, representation and/or forms assistance on a case by case basis for restraining order and related family law matters special immigration petitions (T/U Visa and VAWA Self Petitions) civil harassment restraining orders (for sexual assault victims) and vacatur petitions for survivors of sex trafficking.

Family Law Facilitator
Courts and Procedure

Family law self help assistance, including forms assistance, file review, preparation of orders and judgments and other forms of procedural assistance. Also assists with Domestic Violence Restraining Orders, Elder Abuse Restraining Orders,  Probate Guardianship, and Limited Conservatorship cases. Eligibility: Must have family law case in Sacramento County Superior Court.

Capital Pro Bono
Courts and Procedure

The Capital Pro Bono is a nonprofit agency that provides free legal assistance with many kinds of civil legal matters to low income people. In addition to referring eligible clients to volunteer attorneys for direct representation, they offer a number of free legal clinics on a variety of common legal matters., Eligibility: Must be low income. Must have legal Immigration status

Sacramento Justice League

Sacramento Justice League is a nonprofit corporation in Sacramento offering low cost legal services and occasional free clinics. Topics covered include:

  • Direct Family Law Legal Services
  • Name Changes/Birth Certificate Changes
  • Criminal Expungement Assistance
  • Credit and Debt Relief Assistance
  • Self-Represented Family Law Workshops
  • Domestic Violence Restraining Orders
  • Landlord/Tenant Issues
  • Bankruptcy
Family Law: Service by Publication or Posting

Service by publication or posting are alternate methods of service permitted by the court when the other party’s whereabouts are unknown. You must receive permission from the court in order to perform service by publication or posting. The court can only approve your request to serve documents by publication or...

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