Lawyer in the Library- Resources

Resources for Commonly Asked Questions

Other Useful Resources

Court resources

Sacramento County Superior Court

Forms packets
The Sacramento Court has compiled forms packets for certain common procedures. These include a combination of Judicial Council and local forms.

Family Court


Criminal Expungement

Name Change

Self-help services
The court provides several self-help clinics for self-represent litigants with cases in the Sacramento County Superior Court.

Family Law Facilitator

UD Advisory Clinic

Small Claims Advisory Clinic

Civil Self-Help Services

California Courts Self-Help website

Self Help Guides

Plain-language explanations of common legal procedures, with links to the required forms

Judicial Council Forms

Fill-in-the-blanks forms created by the Judicial Council for many common legal procedures. Most of these forms are created for mandatory use in the California Courts.

Law Library Resources

Law Library Website – Legal Topic Directory
Legal information and resource organized by topic. Includes library-written Step-by-Step guides on common legal procedures, informational articles and videos, and referrals to community organizations.

Law Library Website – Forms
The forms section of our website includes library-created transactional forms (deeds, affidavits, etc.), step-by-step guides for completing common judicial council forms, and step-by-step guides and templates for common pleadings.

Law Library Website – Community Organizations
The Law Library maintains a list of organizations in our community that provide information or assistance to the public on legal matters.

Reference Librarians
The library has reference librarians available whenever the library is open. Librarians can assist patrons in selecting materials best suited to their research needs

Self-Help at the Law Library (SH@LL) provides free general legal information and basic legal help to people representing themselves. SH@LL can help patrons understand their options and—in certain cases—help fill out forms and provide instructions for filing and next steps.

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