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Small Claims

Small claims court disputes are resolved quickly and inexpensively, without either party represented by a lawyer. The rules are simple and informal, and are intended for use by those with no legal training. A small claims judgment has the same force as any other court judgment, and may be enforced or collected upon using normal collection techniques.

Community Resources

Family Court For Help
Small Claims Advisory Clinic, Sacramento
Handshake Alternative to Court
Sacramento Mediation Center


The Judicial Council creates the forms needed for a small claims lawsuit.

Form Resources

Keyboard Write a Demand Letter Free program will help you write a demand letter asking for money.
Computer mouse Small Claims E-Filing (currently unavailable) Filing a small claims case online is currently unavailable in Sacramento County.
Court Summons Judicial Council Forms You may fill out and print these forms for in-person filing.

Common Questions

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Free online videos on small claims-related topics.

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