Two new MCLE-On-Demand videos now available

The Law Library has added two new videos to our selection of on-demand MCLE videos. These qualify for participatory MCLE if streamed from our website.

Don’t Get Slapped Around In Your Civil Action: How To Recognize and Handle Anti-Slapp Issues
1.5 hours of MCLE credit
Instructor Brendan Begley teaches you to recognize and either capitalize on or minimize or avoid anti-SLAPP issues (which can come up in all manner of cases, including personal-injury, business litigation, employment litigation and even probate litigation).

Civil Litigation Strategies: Appellate Considerations While You’re Litigating in the Trial Court
1.5 hours of MCLE credit
Instructor Michael Chase discusses the appellate laws and rules applicable to litigating a case in trial court. The presentation includes both California and federal law and underscores differences between them.