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VIDEO – Receivership – Overview Of An Often Overlooked Remedy

Mark A. Serlin and Greg K. Webster will integrate their extensive expertise in State and Federal Court receivership dealing with complex personal and commercial bankruptcy cases.

Topics to be covered include:

  1. Receivership—Distinction between Pre-Judgment Receivership to Maintain Business Operations
  2. Receivership to Carry Out Judgment
  3. Critical Importance of Terms and Provisions of Receiver Order—discussion of specific clauses—sample orders
  4. Reporting—importance of interim reports
  5. Role of receiver as agent of the Court and not of any of the parties
  6. Receivership borrowings during the case—use of receiver’s certificates
  7. Relationship to bankruptcy—turnover requirements and exceptions
  8. Wrapping up—discharge, exoneration of bondsmen, approval of final report and fees/costs

Please note each video is designed for continuous viewing until its conclusion.

The viewing of this online video meets the criteria for “participatory” continuing legal education credit as verified by the Sacramento County Public Law Library, an approved State Bar of California MCLE provider according to the State Bar of California MCLE Rules & Requirements [Rule 2.7.2].


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Greg K. Webster

Mark A. Serlin

MCLE Credit

2 hours

Viewing Time

105 minutes

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