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1-hour MCLE credit
Viewing Time: 74 minutes

In this video presentation, Jennifer Rouse, Esq. from the Meissner, Joseph, Palley & Ruggles, Inc. law firm covers the following:  Almost all fiduciaries – trustees, executors, administrators, conservators of the estate and guardians of the estate – must provide accountings either to the court or to beneficiaries.  Certain information must be included in the accountings in order to get the best protection for the fiduciary and to have them approved by the court.  This presentation will give you the basics to prepare and file those accountings.

Please note each video is designed for continuous viewing until its conclusion.

The viewing of this online video meets the criteria for “participatory” continuing legal education credit as verified by the Sacramento County Public Law Library, an approved State Bar of California MCLE provider according to the State Bar of California MCLE Rules & Requirements [Rule 2.72].

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