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VIDEO- Writing Your First Complaint


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1.5-hours MCLE credit

Viewing Time: 90 minutes

A Complaint is more than a document; it is the foundation of every civil lawsuit. It serves several functions for a plaintiff: putting the action on record with the Court, providing notice to Defendants, framing the material facts, delineating causes of action and asking for relief. The Complaint can be a powerful platform for persuasion and the strategic blueprint for how the advocate will argue the case.

David Graulich, Esq. explains that sometimes-best practice is to write a lean, concise Complaint with minimal details, while other circumstances call for a highly detailed Complaint with a colorful and dramatic narrative.

This video is intended for lawyers who are writing their first Complaint or are looking to improve their skills.

The viewing of this online video meets the criteria for “participatory” continuing legal education credit as verified by the Sacramento County Public Law Library, an approved State Bar of California MCLE provider according to the State Bar of California MCLE Rules & Requirements [Rule 2.72].

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