Kevin P. Eckard

Kevin P. Eckard
P.O. Box 240
Auburn, California 95604
Office (530) 888-0472
Fax (916) 972-0945

1983 – Current California Probate Referee Officer of the Superior Court
Appointed by the California State Controller to replace the Inheritance Tax Referee when the law Alpine, Amador, and El Dorado Counties.

Currently assigned to: Placer County, Amador County, Nevada County, Sierra County, Sutter County, and Yuba County.

The principal duties are to appraise and evaluate:

Real property
• Vacant land, agricultural land, Williamson Act Land, Gold Mining Interest
• Timber Preserve
• Residential dwellings; single family, multi-residential apartments, possessory interest
• Improved and vacant commercial
• Leaseholds
• Emulates; Timber
• Life Estates; Possessory Interest

Personal Property
• Stocks, bonds and securities of all types,
• Businesses, sole proprietorships, partnerships, closely held corporations.
• Vehicles, airplanes, heavy equipment
• Crops, farm equipment
• Pension Plans; Annuities
• Household Furniture and Furnishings
• Artwork, Antiques and Collectables
• Coin and Stamp Collections
• Books

1983 – 1999 Family Law Referee
Officer of the Superior Court
Organized and implemented this position for the Superior Court. Appointed by the Presiding Judge of the Superior Court to perform a variety of duties, which have included:
• Preside over mediation and settlement of property disputes arising from divorce actions
• Determining income for child and spousal support payment obligations
• Assist in the enforcement of child and spousal support payments
• Determination of community interest in assets
• Evaluation and appraisal of community assets
• Determination and enforcement of the division of community assets and obligations

1983 – Current Special Administrator for Estates:
Appointed by the Superior Court to manage the affairs of decedent’s estates when disputes have arisen from heirs or other claimants.

Appointed by the Superior Court to manage the affairs of Conservatee’s when disputes have arisen between family members and large volumes of litigation have occurred and for cases involving financial elder abuse.

Special Master:
For the purpose of determination of equal division of property arising from partition actions.

1984 – Current Court Appointed Receiver
Appointed by the Superior Court to operate and/or liquidate businesses involved in litigation or partition
Duties have included:
• The operation and sale of retail sales businesses
• The operation and sale of a hardware store and lumberyard
• The operation and liquidation of a real estate firm and property management office
• The operation and liquidation of land development and construction company
• Numerous sales of residential real property
• Judicial Foreclosure, income producing property

Expert Witness:
Qualified as expert witness for real property and Business appraisals in:

• Federal Court
• El Dorado County Superior Court
• Santa Clara County Superior Court
• Placer County Superior Court

Referee for Small Claims Court Appeals

Further Court Duties:
Appointed by the Superior Court in a variety of civil cases to serve as:

• Ex parte Referee; General Reference
• Arbitrator for binding arbitration
• Arbitrator pursuant of Civil Code Section 845 (c), cost of road maintenance apportionment
• Court Expert Witness
• Court Appraiser
• Mediator; Property Disputes
• Settlement Conference Referee
• Special Master
• Trustee

2010 – Current Successor Trustee/Managing Partner
Appointed by the Placer County Superior Court and the Nevada County Superior Court as a successor Trustee/Managing Partner for families in dispute of value, administration and of distribution of Trust Estates.

2017 – Current Board Member of the California Probate Referee
Association Board of Directors.