Herb Bolz

Following his retirement from state service in 2009, Herb Bolz co-authored the California Practice Guide on Administrative Law (The Rutter Group). Bolz formerly served as counsel to the California Office of Administrative Law (OAL) and the California Gambling Control Commission. He served at OAL for 16 years in a variety of roles, including representing that agency before the California Law Revision Commission in its intensive 10-year study of administrative adjudication, judicial review and rulemaking. He also supervised the OAL “underground regulations” unit, represented OAL before the Legislature and in the courts, developed OAL regulations, and reviewed proposed regulations of various state agencies for compliance with statutory requirements. He co-created and taught a highly regarded three-day class on rulemaking for state agency staff.

During his eight years as counsel to the Gambling Control Commission, he presided at public rulemaking hearings, and drafted adjudicatory regulations and complex adjudicatory decisions. Following his graduation from UC Davis Law School (King Hall), Bolz served for two years as staff attorney to Chief U.S. District Judge Robert F. Peckham, Northern District of California. Bolz also holds an M.A. from UC Berkeley.