Heather Chubb

Heather Chubb is an attorney based in the Sacramento, California area dedicated to helping individuals and families make the best possible legal decisions for themselves and those they love.  She founded The Chubb Law Firm in 1999 because she saw the need for a different approach to estate planning and administration, an approach that is straight forward, easy and above all understandable.  Heather believes that there is nothing worse than a plan that takes a team of lawyers to decipher.  She uses her passion to educate her clients and make navigating the legal world easier.  She believes that the practice of law is not about papers.  It’s about people and relationships.

Unlike many estate planning attorneys who only focus on planning for death or taxes, Heather’s focus is protecting your assets, wishes and decisions making capability today so you can have a more independent and worry-free tomorrow.  Believing modern estate planning is more than a set of documents, Heather helps families work through their most frustrating roadblocks and “tough conversations” about things such as incapacity, long-term are, asset protection and financial security to ensure they have the right plan and right people in place if the unthinkable happens.

Heather Chubb

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