Previous Classes

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Administrative Hearing Process Before the Office of Administrative Hearings – Hon. Catherine B. Frink
Administrative Hearing: What Works and What Doesn’t – An ALJ’s Perspective – Hon. Catherine B. Frink
Appearance Matters: Improving the Look of Legal Documents J. Angelo DeSantis
Automating Your Case Evidence Don Vilfer
Best Practices for Preserving Digital Evidence – Don Vilfer
California Administrative Law Basics: Part 1- Regulations – Herb Bolz
California Administrative Law Basics: Part 2- APA Notice and Comment Procedures Herb Bolz
California Administrative Law Basics: Part 3- Underground Regulations, Practical tips for Private Sector Legal Staff and State Agency Personnel Herb Bolz
Delivering an Effective Closing Argument Hon. Brian R. Van Camp
Demurrers and Sanction Motions Eli Roth,J.D.
Digital Afterlife – Estate Planning for Your Clients’ Virtual Assets Jan Roos
Digital Evidence: New Federal Rules on e-Discovery and Computer Forensics Don Vilfer
Discovering & Recovering from Substance Abuse in the Legal Profession – David Belden, JD
Divorce, Custody & Support: Constructing a Workable Parenting Plan for Special Needs Children Michelle L. Stowell Kristin N. Capritto
Don’t Forget the Phones – Integrating Cell Phones into Your e-Discovery Don Vilfer
Drafting Demurrer-Proof and Sanction-Proof Complaints Eli Roth,J.D.
Duality: A Dialogue on the Comparison of Canon Law to Civil Law Hon. Troy L Nunley
Economic Analysis in Business Cases – George Jouganatos, PhD
Economic Analysis in Personal Injury and Employment Cases – George Jouganatos, PhD
Evidentiary Issues in Law & Motion Hon. David I. Brown
Federal Legal Research: Part A: Statutes, Regulations and Secondary Sources Law Librarians
Federal Legal Research: Part B: Cases and Finding Aids Law Librarians
Going Solo: All of the Basics, i.e., Excel Spreadsheets Needed to Run Your Practice Keep the IRS Off Your Back!
Going Solo: Don’t Think Like a Lawyer! – David Graulich, Esq
How to Avoid Failure at Mediation Ernest A. Long
How to Locate Good Case Law Using Shepard’s on Lexis ADVANCEHillary Lee
How to Make Ethical & Winning Use of California Legislative History – Carolina C. Rose, JD
Ins and Outs of Immigration Law and the Family Jesse S. Atwal, Esq.
Intellectual Property Law Update 2015 – James Harrison Salter
iPad Apps for Legal Professionals Cheri Boyer
It’s Not Me, Its You! Workplace Harassment and Discrimination in the Legal Profession Daniel J. Coyle Shaye Schrick
Jury Selection in Civil Trials –David F. De Alba
Law Firms, Would Your Policies and Procedures Pass a HIPAA Audit?-Marcia L. Augsburger
Legal Briefs that Work! J. Angelo DeSantis
Legal Research: Part A: California Statutes Law Librarians
Legal Research: Part B: California Cases Law Librarians
Litigation Holds for Electronically Stored Evidence: Pitfalls and Strategies for Success Don Vilfer
Locating Statutes, Legislative History, and Regulations Using Westlaw Jessica Greathouse
Microsoft® EXCEL 2016 for Legal Professionals: Part A Cheri Boyer
Microsoft® EXCEL 2016 for Legal Professionals: Part B Cheri Boyer
Microsoft® EXCEL 2016 for Legal Professionals: Part C Cheri Boyer
Microsoft® WORD 2016 for Legal Professionals: Part A:Solving Layout Issues, Formatting & Styles, Find/Replace, & Using Quick Parts Cheri Boyer
Microsoft® WORD 2016 for Legal Professionals: Part B: Creating Tables, Incorporating Citations and Captions, Mail Merge, Track Changes, and Applying Collaborative Tools – Cheri Boyer
Microsoft® WORD 2016 for Legal Professionals: Part C: Advance Tools – Cheri Boyer
OSHA Law: The Devil is in the Details – Fred Walter Lisa Prince
Paperless Law Office: Using Technology to Make Your Office More Efficient John V. Airola Tuesday L. Airola
Practic Pointers: A View from the Bench for New Family Law Attorneys Hon. Stephen M. Gevercer
Preparing and Opposing Pre-Trial Motions – Tim Yeung
Preparing Your Witness for Testimony: Declaration Under Oath, Deposition, Arbitration and Trial – Sandra Sava
Rudeness: Curtailing Incivility in the Courtroom – Jaime R. Roman
Special Needs Trusts for Plaintiffs with Disabilities – Brian Wyatt
Tactical Bankruptcy: Ethical and Practical Applications Kenneth Sanders Matthew R. Eason
Tax Resolution via Bankruptcy Kenneth Sanders
Taxation of Damages, Reporting and Withholding Rules for Litigation Settlements and JudgmentsRobert R. Rubin
Techniques for Short, Clear & Organized Legal Writing J. Angelo DeSantis
The Latest e-Discovery Trends, Techniques & Law Don Vilfer
The Nuts & Bolts of Law & Motion: Part A Hon. David I. Brown
The Nuts & Bolts of Law & Motion: Part B Hon. David I. Brown
Three Easy Steps To The Paperless Office…It Is Easier Than You Think!Don Vilfer
Tips & Tricks for Getting More Out of Westlaw Jessica Greathouse
Typography and the Art of Creating Effective Legal Documents J. Angelo DeSantis
Understanding the Relationship between Workers’ Compensation and Third Party Personal Injury Claims Kyle K. Tambornini, Esq.
Using Contention Interrogatories in Civil Actions Eli Roth,J.D.
Valuation of Asstes in a Divorce Proceeding Michelle L. Stowell
Vintners, Farmers & Ranchers: Setting Up an Estate Plan to Insure a Family Legacy Timothy P. Murphy
Welcome to La-La Land! A Guide to Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Proceedings Kenneth Sanders
Westlaw: Whats New on Next? Jessica Greathouse
What Non-Tax Attorneys Need to Know About Dealing with the IRS Robert R. Rubin
Workers’ Rights in California: The Five Fundamentals – David Graulich, Esq