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Traffic Law

Traffic issues are one of the most common ways people become involved with the court system. Whether it’s speeding or red light tickets, DUI, a car accident, or even an expired parking meter, most of us will have to deal with a traffic-related problem at some point.  Although traffic procedures are typically very simple, they often have tight turn-around times. Even a slight delay in handling a simple speeding violation can turn the situation into an expensive, time-consuming process.


The Judicial Council creates a few of the forms needed for traffic issues. Sacramento County Superior Court also creates forms for use in this county specifically. For other situations, you may need to create your own forms. Our Legal Research Guides and Step-by-Steps have instructions and samples for many commonly-used forms.


Judicial Council Traffic Forms Forms for fighting and appealing traffic tickets.
Image courtesy of Digidreamgraphix at VC-41500 People in state prison or youth authority can dismiss pending traffic tickets.

Research Guides

The Law Librarians have created these research guides as an aid for those starting a legal research project. These guides recommend print and electronic resources that will help you find answers to your law-related questions. Many guides provide step-by-step information, as well as sample forms, for common legal procedures.


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