Tenant Protection

There are some big changes to local and state law aimed at protecting tenants from rent gouging and unfair evictions.

The Sacramento Tenant Protection and Relief Act went into effect September 12, 2019. This law applies to multifamily units and mobile home rentals within Sacramento City limits that were built before February 1, 1995. The law limits rent increases, and prohibits no-cause evictions. For more information about this law, see

Shortly after the city passed its ordinance, Governor Newsom signed the Tenant Protection Act (AB 1482), which goes into effect January 1, 2020. This state law also limits rent increases and eliminates no-cause evictions. For more information about this law, see these articles:

There are some differences between the local and state law, which may mean the local law needs to be changed, or that parts of the local law may be invalidated. The main differences include:

  • The types of rental units to which the law applies
  • The allowable annual rent increase
  • The permitted grounds for eviction

For more landlord-tenant resources, see our Law 101 page on Landlord-Tenant Law.

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