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Conservatorship Video

The library has the Sacramento County conservatorship video Becoming a Conservator and the California state conservator video With Heart: Understanding Conservatorship in its collection. Patrons may view either of these videos in the Library's meeting room free of charge. Patrons should contact the Library in advance to reserve the meeting room to view the conservatorship videos.

View Conservator Video Online

  Patrons may also view With Heart: Understanding Conservatorship free online at

This link is provided for your convenience. The Law Library does not control or maintain the video.

Either of these videos satisfies Sacramento County's requirement that prospective conservators view an approved videotaped presentation on the duties and responsibilities of conservators. (Local Rule 4.40).

Verification of Viewing
Here is a link to the Sacramento County local form verifying that you have viewed the video:
Verification that Video Tape of Conservator's Duties has been Viewed (PR-E-LP-020)