MCLE Curriculum

2015 Employment Law Update
Administrative Hearing Process Before the Office of Administrative Hearings – Hon. Catherine B. Frink
Administrative Hearing: What Works and What Doesn’t – An ALJ’s Perspective – Hon. Catherine B. Frink
Appearance Matters: Improving the Look of Legal Documents J. Angelo DeSantis
Attacking an Adverse Deponent’s “I don’t know,” “I don’t remember” & “I do remember”
Attacking the Expert’s Opinion at Deposition & Trial
Basics of QuickBooks for Your Law Firm: Part A
Basics of QuickBooks for Your Law Firm: Part B
Best Practices for Preserving Digital Evidence –
Don Vilfer
California Administrative Law: Part 1- Regulations
Civil Discovery and Motion Calendar Procedures
Consumer Fraud & Debt Relief
Delivering an Effective Closing Argument – Hon. Brian Van Camp
Digital Afterlife – Estate Planning for Your Clients’ Virtual Assets – Jan Roos
Digital Evidence: New Federal Rules on e-Discovery and Computer Forensics – Don Vilfer
Discovering & Recovering from Substance Abuse in the Legal Profession – David Belden, JD
Discovery in Personal Injury Cases
Don’t Forget the Phones – Integrating Cell Phones into Your e-Discovery Don Vilfer
Economic Analysis in Business Cases – George Jouganatos, PhD
Economic Analysis in Personal Injury and Employment Cases – George Jouganatos, PhD
e-Discovery Roundup – Don Vilfer
Evidentiary Issues in Law & Motion – Hon. David I. Brown
Federal Legal Research: Part A: Statutes, Regulations and Secondary Sources – SCPLL Law Librarians
Federal Legal Research: Part B: Cases and Finding Aids – SCPLL Law Librarians
Going Solo: All of the Basics, i.e., Excel Spreadsheets Needed to Run Your Practice & Keep the IRS Off Your Back!
Going Solo: Don’t Think Like a Lawyer! – David Graulich, Esq.
HIPPA, e-Discovery and the Legal Medical Record
How to Make Ethical & Winning Use of California Legislative History – Carolina C. Rose, JD
Intellectual Property Law Update 2015 – James Harrison Salter
It’s Not Me, Its You! Workplace Harassment and Discrimination in the Legal Profession
Judicial Perspective: Weighing the Credibility & Competency of an Expert Witness
Jury Selection in Civil Trials –Hon. David F. DeAlba
Landlord: Eviction/Unlawful Detainer – Kevin Dollison
Legal Briefs that Work! J. Angelo DeSantis
Legal Research on WestlawNext – Jessica Greathouse
Legal Research: Part A: California Statutes – SCPLL Law Librarians
Legal Research: Part B: California Cases – SCPLL Law Librarians
Litigation Holds for Electronically Stored Evidence: Pitfalls and Strategies for Success
Locating Statutes, Legislative History, and Regulations Using WestlawNext – Jessica Greathouse
Making Terminations Legal – Avoiding Wrongful Termination Claims
Microsoft® EXCEL 2010 for Legal Professionals: Part A: Workbooks, Data Lists, Formulas, and Tips & Tricks –Cheri Boyer
Microsoft® EXCEL 2010 for Legal Professionals: Part B: Large Worksheets, Charts & Graphs, and Advanced Formulas & Functions – Cheri Boyer
Microsoft® EXCEL 2010 for Legal Professionals: Part C: Taking the Mystery Out of Pivot Tables and Macros in Excel – Cheri Boyer
Microsoft® POWERPOINT 2010 for Legal Professionals: Part A: Preparing Bulleted Slides; Inserting Exhibits and Photos; Callout and Animate Text in an Exhibit; Creating a Relationship Chart – Cheri Boyer
Microsoft® POWERPOINT 2010 for Legal Professionals: Part B: Using Slide Master; Inserting Tables, Charts, and Graphs; Importing Sound and Video Clips; Using Pack’ n Go – Cheri Boyer
Microsoft® WORD 2010 for Legal Professionals: Part A: Using the “Ribbon,” Tools, & More for Legal Documents & Forms – Cheri Boyer
Microsoft® WORD 2010 for Legal Professionals: Part B: Creating Tables, Incorporating Citations and Captions, Mail Merge, Track Changes, and Applying Collaborative Tools – Cheri Boyer
Microsoft® WORD 2010 for Legal Professionals: Part C: Advance Tools- Macros, Blacklining, AutoCorrect, Document Inspector & More – Cheri Boyer
Migrating from WestlawClassic to WestlawNext – Jessica Greathouse
OSHA Law: The Devil is in the Details – Fred Walter
Paperless Office? The Myth and the Solutions for Litigation Support in Your e_Discovery Flow – Don Vilfer
Practical Tips on How To Avoid A Legal Malpractice Claim – William Munoz
Preparing and Opposing Pre-Trial Motions – Tim Yeung
Preparing Your Witness for Testimony: Declaration Under Oath, Deposition, Arbitration and Trial – Sandra Sava
Probate Process and Potential Pit Falls with Distribution
Rudeness: Curtailing Incivility in the Courtroom – Jaime R. Roman
Special Needs Trusts for Plaintiffs with Disabilities – Brian Wyatt
Taking the Bite Out of ADA Lawsuits in California
Tax Resolution via Bankruptcy
Techniques for Short, Clear & Organized Legal Writing J. Angelo DeSantis
The Court System: Who are the Players & What Do They Do?
The Latest e-Discovery Trends, Techniques & Law
The Nuts & Bolts of Law & Motion: Part A – Hon. David I. Brown
The Nuts & Bolts of Law & Motion: Part B – Hon. David I. Brown
Three Easy Steps To The Paperless Office…It Is Easier Than You Think!
Tips & Tricks for Getting More Out of WestlawNext – Jessica Greathouse
Understanding the Relationship between Workers’ Compensation and Third Party Personal Injury claims
Vintners, Farmers & Ranchers: Setting Up an Estate Plan to Insure a Family Legacy
Welcome to La-La Land! A Guide to Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Proceedings
Workers’ Rights in California: The Five Fundamentals – David Graulich, Esq.
You Spoke and We Listened: A Presentation Focused on HIPAA, HITECH, and the Final Rule