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Everyday Law: Child Support Basics

Both parents have the legal duty to provide financial support for their child whether they are married, divorced, or even live with their children. The court may order either or both parents to make regular payments to cover a child’s living and medical expenses. This periodic payment is called “child support.” 

New books at the Law Library

We are adding new books and other materials all the time! Our New Books list includes practice guides, treatises, MCLE materials, audio CDs, DVDs, and other new items for California and the United States. For the most recent updates, visit our New Books page at Current additions include employment law titles by Richard Simmons, […]

New classes open for enrollment at the Law Library

Most of our May MCLE courses still have room to enroll. Choose from classes on hiring expert witnesses, ethics in handling electronic data, Dragon Speaking Naturally, and legal research on California law. Visit our Class Calendar for more information and to register.

Our new free video explains guardianship steps

Grandparents and others who need guardianship in Sacramento must follow a detailed process and fill out many forms. Our newest free video guides you through the first parts of this process. Check it out at

Newest MCLE “Participatory” Credit Video Available for $20

Preparing and Opposing Pre-Trial Motions Instructor: Tim Yeung 1.5-hours MCLE Credit In this video Tim Yeung, Partner, with the law firm of Renne Sloan Holtzman & Sakai, LLP discusses how motions are an important aspect of every litigated case. When presenting a pre-trial motion, you must appear ready, organized, competent, and persuasive to opposing counsel […]

Sac Court depts 53, 54, & 59 move to Hall of Justice

Effective September 19, 2016, the Civil Law and Motion Departments (Dept. 53 and Dept. 54) and the Civil Settlement Conference Department (Dept. 59) will relocate to the Hall of Justice Building, 813 6th Street, Sacramento, CA 95814. Long-time Law Library patrons will recognize this as the Law Library’s home from 2001-2012. All law and motion […]

Free Video on Transfer-on-Death Deeds

Watch this free five-part video series on the Revocable Transfer on Death Deed, a new-to-California type of deed which allows a homeowner to transfer to a named beneficiary residential real properties or agricultural property under 40 acres with a primary residence, upon the owner’s death without a probate proceeding. It covers rules governing compliance, documentation, recording period, […]